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1-abc.net Powerpuzzle 1.10

This is a classic numbers game which can be used as a brain trainer
1.10 (See all)

1-abc.net Powerpuzzle 1.10 is a completely free software game, we can download from the developer's website. We can play it as many times as we wish to, copy and distribute freely. It takes less than a second to download, and installing it is just as easy. This software is a classic numbers game. It features a quite simple interface, with 10 tiles, each with one number, from 1 to 9, and one blank. Each number has its own color, which makes the overall looking rather nice. In this game, the rule is quite simple; we must move the numbers by clicking with our mouse as we like best using the blank tile in order to place the numbers in their right positions. This game can be used as a brain trainer. There is a timer, so we can see how long we have taken to finish the game. The game also provides high scores table and every time we play it automatically saves our scores to the table. It also features sounds, which can be turned on/off. From there, we can see how fast our improvements are. It has quite a small size, so it should work without any problem in any Windows environment.

Review summary


  • Completely free
  • Small size
  • Suitable for all ages


  • None
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